my ZauberTopf Gold Edition “Soulfood Low Carb” | Issue 01/2024

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No more complicated diets and boring meals. With our new GOLD Edition Soulfood Low Carb, healthy food becomes a real culinary delight.

Quick & easy: recipes with just 15 minutes of preparation time!
Clever: Our low carb recipes are both healthy and time-saving. In just 15 minutes you can prepare delicious meals that will accompany you on the way to your goals. Then the Thermomix® takes over for you! No stress, no long waiting times – just pure enjoyment on your plate!

Simply slim and healthy
Discover the variety of vegetable dishes that are not only delicious but also boost your fat burning. Light and delicious! Enjoy meat and fish in delicious combinations that will help you lose weight. Feast on sweet treats without regrets! Look forward to varied dishes that will fill you up and make you happy.

Bye, yo-yo effect!
From now on you can keep your happy weight really light and say goodbye to the yo-yo effect. Find out which fat burner foods will accompany you on your journey, which foods are really good for you and how the Thermomix® supports you optimally. Stop compromising and enjoy meals that are not only good for you, but also taste really good!
Get the GOLD Edition Soulfood Low Carb now for carefree enjoyment!
Fast & stress-free
Prepare delicious, healthy meals in 15 minutes.
Goodbye Jo-Jo: lasting success without sacrifice and with a lot of enjoyment
Gourmet dishes: real fillers with meat, vegetables and fish