mein ZauberTopf Gold Edition "Sugar free" | Issue 01/2023

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Hint: This magazine is written in german language!

Cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients is really easy with the Thermomix, so there's simply no reason for you to buy ready-made products anymore. Especially because they usually contain far too much sugar, which really doesn't have to be.

Whether it's tomato sauce from a jar or coleslaw from the refrigerated section, there's often plenty of sugar hidden in these really tasty convenience foods. In this mein ZauberTopf GOLD EDITION "Sugar-free" we prepare favorite recipes so that they get by without unnecessary sweetness. Whether it's pancakes, smoothies, or salad dressing, you can feast to your heart's content. Of course, we'll show you how you can treat yourself to something sweet without sugar. Because hand on heart, you can't go completely without snacking ...

That's why in this Gold Edition you'll find recipes for classic cakes and treats with alternative ingredients, as well as lots of hearty dishes that you can prepare yourself sugar-free in the Thermomix instead of buying the ready-made product. With our everyday tricks, you'll make the switch effortlessly and quickly feel healthier, fitter and happier.

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