ThermoSlider® M | V2 Plus | Steel Grey | for TM5/TM6


[ Thermomix TM5
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The new ThermoSlider® M V2 Plus made of high-quality solid surface HI-MACS® is a practical kitchen accessory that allows the Thermomix® to be used safely in the kitchenand can be conveniently moved on the worktop to the position where it is usedMoreover the sensitive balance is protected by the glide board, which is integrated into the feet of the device.

- Protects the sensitive scale of the Thermomix TM5/TM6
- Easy to move on your kitchen worktop
- Pore-free, antibacterial material HI-MACS®
- Ergonomic recessed grips at front and sides
- 2 rear teflon gliders for effortless gliding
- 4 rubber stoppers for stable stand
- Recesses for a perfect fit of the TM5/TM6 rubber feet
- Perfect fit for the Thermomix TM5/TM6 (dimensions: 36 x 30 x 2 cm)
- 15 years manufacturer warranty - highest quality made in Germany
Outstanding function and handling

Thanks to the shapely bevel with improved grip on the front, the ThermoSlider and Thermomix are very easy to grip, lift and safely move back and forth on all surfaces. The ThermoSlider can even overcome small obstacles such as the cooktop surround: for this purpose, you reach sideways into the new grip recesses of the ThermoSlider V2 Plus and can easily move the gliding board to the right or left.
High-quality Teflon gliders provide the best gliding properties to move the Thermomix effortlessly on the kitchen worktop.When the ThermoSlider is not being moved, four powerful rubber stoppers ensure particularly high stability even at the highest mixing levels. In addition, the three rubber feet of the food processor are inserted into corresponding recesses on the surface of the ThermoSlider and thus prevent the Thermomix from slipping on the sliding board.

Innovative material: Made of the most modern solid surface material

HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone is the mineral material of the latest generation. 75% natural mineral production
and 25% finest acrylic is produced according to the most advanced production process on the market. And meets the highest ecological standards.

This high-quality material sets completely new standards in terms of hygiene, safety and durability thanks to its significantly improved surface. This results in numerous advantages over materials such as granite stone or wood.
Advantages of the ThermoSlider® M made of the mineral material HI-MACS®

Immune to water and discoloration
Due to the smooth, non-porous surface, moisture cannot penetrate into the material. Even food that discolours does not leave any permanent residue on the surface of the ThermoSlider M, even after an exposure time of several hours.

Uncompromisingly hygienic
Due to its impermeability to dirt, bacteria, viruses and numerous chemicals, ThermoSlider M is the ideal material for use in kitchens where hygiene plays a particularly important role.

Easy to clean
Most stains on the surface of the ThermoSlider M can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. Even traces of a burning cigarette can be removed without residue with a cleaning pad made of felt, water and soft scouring milk.

Durable & Safe
The ThermoSlider M has a robust surface whose durability is comparable to that of natural stone. The homogeneously dyed material is UV-resistant and does not change its colour even after years. It is also flame-retardant, which ensures greater safety in everyday kitchen use.

Cosy warm
It may surprise you that the ThermoSlider M immediately feels pleasantly warm to the touch. Instead of absorbing the body heat, it is reflected by the material, creating a pleasant feeling in an instant.

Softer than granite
Stony surfaces are often the cause of broken glass in the kitchen. A glass tilted over on granite is usually a case for the broom. The ThermoSlider M made of solid surface material, on the other hand, cushions a little and lets some mishaps go unpunished.

Environmentally friendly
The mineral material of the ThermoSlider M consists of sustainable materials, which are produced in ecological production processes and can be completely recycled. The material is completely non-toxic, neither painted nor coated and absolutely food-compatible.

Guaranteed premium quality made in Germany
The ThermoSlider M made of the high-quality solid surface material HI-MACS comes with a 15-year guarantee as a German manufacturer (see guarantee conditions below). Quality at the highest level and longevity of the products - this is what Wundermix stands for.

Video explaining the ThermoSlider

ThermoSlider® is a brand of Wundermix GmbH and not a product of Vorwerk. THERMOMIX® isa registered trademark of the Vorwerk Group. HI-MACS® is a registered trademark of the company LG HausysLtd.

Warranty conditions:
We grant a durability guarantee on the completeThermoSlider® Mmade of solid surface materialHI-MACS®.
The warranty period is 15 years and begins,when the goods have been delivered to you.OneRecourse to the guaranteerequires regular maintenance and theUse only inin accordance with the intended purpose.A regular maintenance as well as aUse inmore intendedMannerare present in particular if you have read and understood the care instructions that accompany the productenclosed,have complied with.If damage to the product is found, you can claim this as a warranty claim within 6 weeksin the aftermath ofthe occurrence of the damage either in writing (to the following address): Wundermix GmbH, Dirnismaning 34 D, 85748 Garching b. Munich, Germany) or by e-mail ('ll do it. In this case we will either sell your productwith a new one or replace it with a new onerepair it.If only individual components of the product, which have been developed without special technicalKnowledge replacesthat may be affected by the warranty claim, we will send you a copy of the warranty claimcorrespondingSpare parts too,which you can exchange on the device accordingly. This concerns in particularReplacementRubber stopper and teflon glider.Please noteYou that the present warranty conditions have no influence on your legal rights, obligations and obligationsRights, in particular yourWarranty rights and your right of revocation.