POTATO Recipes from the Thermomix

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Caution: This issue is written in german language!

Whether as a side dish, soup, salad or in bread.
The potato is one of the most important staple foods and is popular with young and old alike.

In this issue you will find new recipes for the Thermomix, all with an authentic recipe image and nutritional values.
You will be amazed how incredibly versatile the popular tuber is.

All recipes are with picture, nutritional information and suitable for the Thermomix TM6/TM5 & TM31.

29 Recipes
Recipe booklet with loop stitching
Format:DIN A5
Number of pages: 48

Recipe overview

Bread & Rolls

  • Classic Potato Bread
  • Italian Potato Crusties
  • Swiss Bread
  • Rustic Potato Rolls
  • Potato Spelt Crust
  • Potato Grilled Bread
  • Rustic Potato Butter Milk Bread
  • Juicy potato bread


  • Potato-Carrot-Soup
  • Potato-Steinpilz-Soup


  • Potato and cheese balls
  • Potato rösti muffins
  • Potato-Rucola-Wafers
  • Turkish potato snails

Hot dishes

  • Bolognese potatoes
  • Potato tart
  • Potato pizza
  • Potato pancakes with apple sauce
  • Potato moussaka
  • Spanish tortilla
  • Yuf potato rolls with potato-feta filling


  • Potato-Obatzter
  • Greek Skordalia
  • Nordic potato salad
  • Westphalian potato salad
  • Lamb's lettuce dressing
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Spanish potatoes