Heavenly cookies as baked by angels | Christine Haas | Tape 4

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

Tape 4: Heavenly cookies as baked by angels.
They smell wonderful and look simply irresistible! Look forward to homemade
cookies and chocolates! Here the choice is not exactly easy, because these treats are all to the
Melt away and also very easy to bake!

You will find in this book over 66 sweet baking ideas and other recipes that sweeten the cold season
and are also suitable for giving as gifts; many of them with a very short preparation time.

Recipe directory

Amaretto balls


Punch bowl

Butter cookies

Café moons and stars


Date macaroons

Long-life cookies

Ducat cookies

Egg liqueur chocolates

Elisen gingerbread

Angel eyes

Roasted almonds

Lucky pig

Mulled wine slices

Oat cookies

Heather sand

Christmas Eve cookies

Cherry stars

Crispy bars

Coconut pineapple cookies

Coconut biscuits

Coconut curls

Coconut marzipan chocolates

Coconut chocolates

Coconut slices

Coconut cubes


Gingerbread Mudl

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread liqueur

Gingerbread slices

Almond croissant

Almond boat

Almond slivers

Almond waves

Marzipan potatoes

Marzipan slices

Marzipan Nutella® chocolates

Marzipan Walnut Pralines

Poppy wreath

Nougat bites

Nougat bars

Nougat stars

Nut bites

Nut bites


Nut balls

Nut cookies

Nut cookies hungarian

Nut-chocolate cookies

Nut cookies

Nut sticks


Rum balls

Snow taler

Chocolate crispy biscuits

Chocolate bread

Chocolate biscuits

Chocolate curls

Chocolate almond cookies

Chocolate nuts

Stollen in mini format

Stollen cookies

Stracciatella heaps


Tea cookies

Tea stars

Tiramisu balls

Three kinds of vanilla crescents

Vanilla pods

Walnut biscuits

Walnut cookies

Cinnamon balls

Cinnamon cookies

Lemon chocolate balls