MIXX magazine - issue 01/2024 (November/December)

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Everything at a glance
In our overview you will find all of our recipes with pictures

Product news
In this new category we present our highlights of the month

Fresh from the market
This time we have selected parsley root in our series with delicious recipes

Holiday cookies
Baking for the senses

Christmas menus
Refined recipes for Christmas

Family kitchen
Amelie's family-friendly dishes that delight everyone

Cindy's One Pot Hits
Cindy's one-pot creations are quick and delicious!

Christmas and Advent breads
Recipes for festive bread enjoyment

Cakes & Co.
Recipes for a festive, sparkling coffee table

Regional winter cuisine
Winter recipes from the Moselle region

Gifts from the kitchen
Homemade and lovingly packaged – these delicious ideas are sure to be well received!

Cloudy Bakery
Christmas cookies

Small baking school
New Year's plaited pretzel

New Year's Eve
Party and cocktail recipes for pure atmosphere