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Calotti is the new rotating scraper spatula for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect - a clever world innovation for your mixing bowl! Put an end to the annoying scratching and poking between the blades of the blender jar and remove up to 90% of the remaining mass at the bottom of the mixing bowl in no time at all.

The Calotti spatula for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect is the perfect accessory for the mixing bowl. It is a real innovation Germany. It is also made in Germany.

The perfect accessory for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect spatula

The Calotti spatula for Monsieur Cuisine Connect fits exactly between the blades of the mixing bowl and has the same shape as the mixing bowl wall. In addition, Calotti rests on the axis of the mixer and can be easily turned. The blade rotates with it and Calotti picks up the food to be mixed.

The Calotti spatula works best with pastes such as puree, baby food, pesto, chopped nuts, etc., or with multi-step recipes where food needs to be removed in between.


Multifunctional: removal, scooping, portioning

The ladle-like shape makes the Calotti an all-rounder: you can use the Calotti spatula to take beautiful portions directly from the mixing bowl of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect and also for scooping at the table. It is also ideal for portioning potato pancakes or homemade ice cream.

Durable: Extremely robust for everyday mixing

Compared to conventional spatulas for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, a completely different approach was adopted in the choice of the material: the Calotti is made of very hard, glass-fibre reinforced plastic and is therefore extremely durable and at the same time heat-resistant when used correctly. The Calotti spatula easily withstands the temperature in the Monsieur Cuisine Connect and is also dishwasher safe.

Compatible: Suitable for Monsieur Cuisine Connect

The shape of the Calotti spatula is adapted to the bottom and the wall of the mixing bowl and the blade of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect. The ladle has a high capacity of approx. 3 tablespoons of liquid or approx. 50g of flour.

High-quality: premium quality "Made in Germany" 

The Calotti spatula is 100% made in Germany, made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and guaranteed BPA-free, so that it can also be used without hesitation for preparing baby food. Of course, the Calotti spatula complies with all food safety regulations and has been certified by an independent testing institute.