Bread roll tray with non-stick coating by Wundermix

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Golden brown and crispy, that's what perfect rolls look like. With the roll tray from Wundermix, you can easily bake these delicious rolls at home by yourself.

From now on, the most difficult thing about baking rolls is choosing a recipe: Potato rolls, wheat rolls or wholemeal rolls. Once this decision has been made, hardly anything can go wrong during baking thanks to the bread roll tray. The ready-formed dough is placed directly into the cavities of the tray. Thanks to the non-stick coating, there is no need to grease the tray beforehand – even baking paper is superfluous from now on. After baking, the rolls can simply be removed.

This bread roll tray not only saves you the hassle of greasing, it also gives the dough a firm hold. In the oven, the bread rolls no longer rise uncontrollably, but maintain a nice, uniform shape. In addition, the tray is perforated, which allows ideal air circulation. The small holes ensure that the heat is distributed evenly. This gives the rolls a beautiful golden crust – exactly the way it is at the bakery.
The bread roll tray from Wundermix has space for 9 bread rolls and fits all standard ovens.

Tip from the Wundermix Team

Not only fresh bread rolls can be prepared in our bread roll tray. If you haven't eaten all the bread rolls or have half-baked bread at home, you can add them to the tray to bake them up. Thanks to the fine perforations in the tray, the rolls are heated evenly and remain fluffy on the inside and have a crispy crust on the outside.


  • Bakery-style crispy rolls
  • Space for 9 rolls
  • Surface with non-stick coating
  • Perforated moulds for ideal heat distribution
  • Also suitable for baking
  • The mould fits all standard ovens
  • The bread rolls keep their shape
  • Can be used up to 230°C
  • Diameter of trough: 8cm