Berry Time - Very Berry!

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Berries are not only particularly tasty and healthy, but also very varied.
In this issue you will find berry-strong recipes for cakes, desserts, jams, liqueurs,Cocktails and ice cream.
Start mixing and look forward to fruity summer days!
Very Berry ;)

All recipes are with picture, nutritional information and suitable for the Thermomix TM6/TM5.

28 Recipes
Recipe booklet with loop stitching
Format:DIN A5
Number of pages: 48

Recipe overview

  • Strawberry Lavatorte
  • Berry waffle tart
  • Strawberry-Coconut-Tiramisu
  • Blueberry yeast cake
  • Blackberry-Vanilla-Tart
  • Berry semolina slices
  • Refrigerator with berry hood
  • Blackberry Glasses
  • Dessert fruit sauce
  • Wild Berry Syrup
  • Virgin Strawberry Kiss
  • Raspberry Ice Tea
  • Strawberry Baileys
  • Fruity berry liqueur
  • Strawberry Cake Dessert
  • Berry Milk Cream Strudel
  • Blueberry Muffins Blueberry
  • Pie berry layer dessert
  • Fruitcake floor
  • Fruitcake topping
  • Strawberry Stracciatella Cake
  • Berry marmalade with Amaretto
  • Hugo jam with strawberries
  • Gooseberry crumble cake
  • Butter cake with currants
  • Chocolate Strawberry Pillow
  • Strawberry Cocos Daiquiri
  • Ricotta Blueberry Ice Cream