KochFix egg poaching insert (set of 2) for Thermomix TM5, TM6, TM31

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The cooking inserts are incredibly versatile and are perfect for poaching up to four eggs or baking four moist muffins!

With the large and shallow bowls you can prepare 4 poached eggs in just 9 minutes and easily remove them!

As a special extra, we'll include a free recipe flyer for steam-baked chocolate cakes, banana cakes and poached eggs with the product!

The inserts make optimal use of the space in the Thermomix cooking basket. The cooking trays can easily be lifted out of the Thermomix cooking insert using the spade.

Thanks to the large slot, which also ensures optimal steam circulation, the cooking inserts can be easily and safely removed from the Thermomix mixing bowl using a spatula!

The BPA-free inserts and accessories for the Vorwerk Thermomix models are dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned quickly and easily after use.