Lemon chicken with vegetables and rice from the Thermomix

Zitronenhähnchen mit Gemüse und Reis aus dem Thermomix - Wundermix GmbH

Hola Wundermixeros!

We had a Spanish guest with us in the Wundermix kitchen – Jesús from Cookinando! Together with Jesús and the help of our products, we conjured up a delicious chicken dish. You can find the recipe below:


- 2 chicken breast fillets
- 200g rice
- 1 pepper
- 200 g mushrooms
- 1 zucchini
- 4 carrots
- 1 broccoli
- 2 lemons
- 1 onion
- 4 cloves of garlic
- 150 ml cream
- A dash of olive oil to fry
- A handful of parsley
- A handful of sage
- Pepper
- Salt
- Turmeric

Wundermix accessories:

  • WunderJuicer
  • Miximizer
  • Flexi spatula
  • Rays
  • Miracle Peeler
  • WunderSteam
  • FlexiSteam

Lemon chicken with vegetables and rice: this is how it works

  1. First we juice 2 lemons with the WunderJuicer. Simply halve the lemons and then juice at level 2.

  2. In the next step we cut the carrots into thirds. The WunderPeeler is placed in the mixing bowl and the chopped carrots and 1000g water are added. Let the whole thing peel on level 3 for about 8 minutes.

  3. In the meantime, peel the garlic cloves and the onions.

  4. The onion is quartered and then added to the mixing bowl with the garlic. Insert the miximizer and let the ingredients chop for a few seconds on level 4 for approx. 8 seconds.

  5. Use the ray to wipe the mixture off the walls.

  6. Let's continue with cutting vegetables. Insert the WunderSteam into the Varoma and fill it with delicious vegetables.

  7. Then the onion and garlic mixture is spread over the Flexisteam. Then add a dash of oil to the pan, add the fillets and season with salt and pepper.

  8. While the fillets are searing, add lemon juice, herbs, cream and spices to the FlexiSteam.

  9. For the rice, add 1 ½ liters of water and 1 teaspoon of salt to the mixing bowl.

  10. Place the seared chicken fillets in the FlexiSteam and fill the cooking basket with rice. Place Varoma on the mixing bowl, put the lid on and let it cook at Varoma for 25 minutes.

Wundermix: Chicken with a difference - and other quick recipes!

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