Prepare pancake batter with the Thermomix

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The Thermomix pancake dough represents the foundation for your further culinary experiments with the basic dough. This makes it all the more important that you pay close attention to the details regarding the ingredients for the dough and the individual steps. The airy mixture of flour, milk and sugar is particularly delicious if you use the current Thermomix models TM5, TM6 and TM31. So it's almost guaranteed that this pancake recipe will pleasantly surprise you. 

Pancake batter from the Thermomix? How much does it actually cost?

The pancake dough from the Thermomix costs no more than the dough you have previously prepared in the classic way. Your advantage with the pancake batter Thermomix recipe is that it's faster, you need significantly fewer bowls and it's much easier to measure the pancakes when baking them. If you want to fry ten to twelve plate-sized pancakes in the pan for yourself, your family or friends, you can expect to pay between 2.50 euros and 3.00 euros.

Wundermix presents: the best pancake batter Thermomix recipe far and wide 

The pancake dough from the Thermomix shows in its purest form what baking with the classic from Vorwerk is all about. With your Thermomix it is actually possible to improve this already quick and easy recipe. The dough will be incomparably delicious and in just a few minutes you will be ready to serve your freshly baked pancakes. When choosing the ingredients, pay close attention to the quality and you will definitely get the desired result. 

For four busy eaters:

  • 3 eggs
  • 500 ml milk
  • 250 g flour
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Sugar and cinnamon for sprinkling (as desired)

How to prepare pancake batter with the Thermomix explained at a glance

If the ingredients are ready, you can start making your Thermomix pancake dough:

  1. Mix the milk with the eggs for about 30 seconds on speed 4
  2. Now add all the other ingredients and mix the mixture for another 30 seconds on speed 4
  3. Tip: If you want particularly fluffy pancakes, replace some of the milk with a little sparkling mineral water
  4. Now heat a fat of your choice in a pan and portion the pancake batter directly from the Thermomix
  5. Bake the classic for a few minutes on each side

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