WunderWave® | Pour sieve for Thermomix TM6, TM5


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  • Easily drain pasta, vegetables, cooking liquid and lemonade
  • Ideal for removing potato peel residue after peeling
  • Wash fruits and vegetables directly in the mixing bowl
  • Pasta does not come into contact with the sink and stays hotter for longer
  • Practical refill opening for quenching eggs or pasta
  • Space-saving cleaning in the dishwasher
  • For the Thermomix TM6 and TM5
  • Made from BPA free plastic
  • Sustainable production - Made in Germany

Cooking pasta in the Thermomix made easy!

Cooking pasta in the Thermomix is ​​super easy! Practically, exactly one packet of pasta (500 g) fits into the mixing bowl, which can easily be cooked al dente in one sitting. The temperature can be precisely adjusted to the perfect 98 degrees and the required time simply needs to be transferred from the pack to the display. To ensure that pouring out the pasta water is just as efficient and convenient, we have developed the WunderWave strainer. With WunderWave there is no need for an additional pasta strainer, which is bulky and takes up a lot of space in the dishwasher. If necessary, simply rinse with cold water through the refill opening and process as desired. Our practical pasta sieve for the Thermomix is ​​also your ideal helper for cooked rice or lentils, because thanks to its precisely fitting shape, WunderWave fits perfectly into the mixing bowl and allows even the smallest ingredients such as rice or lentils to be poured off.

Additional functions: Wash fruit and vegetables, wash off remaining potato peels, quench eggs and much more...

WunderWave is also ideal for washing fruit and vegetables directly in the mixing bowl. Simply aim the water jet from the tap at the food through the refill opening. Even after peeling your potatoes in the mixing bowl with an automatic potato peeler, any peel residue can be easily washed away with WunderWave without having to transfer the potatoes - it couldn't be easier!
You can drain your own boiled eggs in no time with WunderWave. Rinse briefly with cold water through the refill opening and serve!
Have you mixed a delicious lemonade from fresh lemons with the Thermomix? Simply pour into glasses with WunderWave and all the seeds and lemon peel remain in the mixing bowl.

Why is WunderWave more practical than a conventional kitchen strainer?

Draining pasta with WunderWave offers many advantages compared to draining it in a conventional pasta strainer. Not only that WunderWave can be cleaned in the dishwasher to save space with the small space requirement of a plate. Draining with WunderWave is also extremely hygienic because the pasta never comes into direct contact with the sink. Since the noodles do not need to be decanted and remain in the hot mixing bowl until serving, the noodles do not cool down as quickly.

How does the WunderWave pouring strainer work?

WunderWave is practical, slim and very easy to use. When the pasta or other food is finished cooking, simply remove the mixing bowl from the Thermomix, remove the lid and place WunderWave on the spout lip of the mixing bowl. If you now grab the mixing bowl and press the pasta sieve against the mixing bowl handle with your thumb, WunderWave is securely fixed. Now simply turn the mixing bowl over and wait until no more liquid drips out. Please be careful when handling hot steam and protect your hand with an oven mitt if necessary. If you want to defrost the pasta, you can now simply add cold water using the practical refill opening and drain the pasta again.

Developed by experts for experts!

WunderWave was developed by engineers specifically for the Thermomix mixing bowl and fits perfectly. Our development team invested a lot of time and brainpower into the mechanism for optimally fixing WunderWave to the mixing bowl, because we were aware from the start that we would not make any compromises when dealing with boiling hot water. The result is a 100% reliable locking mechanism Mixing bowl that will not come loose under any circumstances. This ensures clean and safe emptying of the mixing bowl.
The robust construction and the high-quality, heat-resistant material also guarantee a long service life and easy cleaning, be it by hand or in the dishwasher.
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