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Hearts, ears of corn, leaves or entire landscapes - when breads become works of art. Homemade bread is wonderful on its own, but when you add an individual pattern to your bread crust, it's a treat for all the senses. With our WunderStyler Compact baker's knife, you can easily carve motifs into the dough skin. The sharp blade glides effortlessly through the dough, resulting in a smooth, clean cut. This allows bread and rolls to rise evenly in the oven.

The high-quality wooden body of the dough knife fits snugly and compactly in the hand, allowing straight lines and flowing curves to be scored for a unique crust. The blades can be used from either side, so there's no need to replace them right away just because one side has become dull.

Why do bread and rolls need to be incised before baking?

Cutting into the dough is not just for looks, it prevents uncontrolled tearing on the sides. Only controlled cuts give bread and rolls enough room to expand upward.

Make sure you don't make a sawing motion, but a clear, quick cut. So always use a sharp knife for this. How you apply the dough knife determines how the bread rises at the cuts - also called ears. With a 90° cutting angle, the cut opens evenly on both sides. A 30° cutting angle is mainly used for longer breads and baguettes. No matter which angle you choose, all cuts should be the same length and angle.

Note: Our dough knife is very sharp. Be careful when you use it or change blades. Keep it in the protective sheath that comes with it so you don't accidentally hurt yourself on it.


  • Pastry knife for cutting into bread, rolls and baguettes
  • High-quality wooden body with pattern lies compactly in the hand
  • Blades can be used on both sides
  • 1 blade + 4 spare blades
  • Blades made of stainless steel
  • Protective cover for safe storage (made of imitation leather)

Total length (blade inserted): approx. 6 cm
Diameter of the wooden body: approx. 4,5 cm