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Every Thermomix user knows it: the Thermomix has to be moved from time to time, e.g. to put the appliance under the extractor or to clean the kitchen counter below it. However, this can be very cumbersome, leave messy marks from the rubber stoppers or, in the worst case, damage the sensitive scales of the expensive Thermomix.

In smaller kitchens, where there is a chronic lack of space anyway, the classic solution of a sliding board is usually not the best. In these cases, the new WunderSlider Mini comes in handy: it is the clever new mini alternative to the conventional sliding board and the perfect choice for anyone looking for a particularly inexpensive solution when moving the Thermomix. 

The WunderSlider Mini does not have to be glued to the appliance and can therefore be removed from the Thermomix in a few seconds if necessary. Tip: The two sliders of the WunderSlider Mini are pressed onto one rubber foot rim of the Thermomix and the appliance, which weighs up to 7 kg, can be moved easily.

Attaches to the unit in a few seconds - no glue, no tools! Can be removed again at any time without leaving any residue.
Enables effortless sliding on any worktop. The scale is not affected.
Thermomix stands on its own feet directly on the kitchen counter. The height of the appliance remains unchanged.
Compared to a conventional slider, no additional space is required, no additional weight has to be lifted or moved.
Exact fit for the Thermomix TM31.


Lift the front of the appliance slightly with both hands (approx. 3-4 cm) so that the rear rubber feet of the Thermomix are detached from the kitchen counter. The weight of the appliance shifts to the two Teflon sliders and the Thermomix can be moved effortlessly on the kitchen counter or the ceramic or induction hob.

Scope of delivery

Complete set of 2 clips for a Thermomix appliance

WunderSlider® is a registered trademark of Wundermix GmbH.