WunderSlicer® & WunderZoodler® savings set for Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Trend, Connect


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Wähle deine Küchenmaschine:: MC Trend / MC Connect
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With our savings set consisting of the WunderSlicer for Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Trend and Conect and the WunderZoodler spiral cutter extension for the WunderSlicer, no one can fool you when it comes to vegetable cutting! No matter whether it's a fine grater, thin slices, coarse rasp, thick slices, extremely fine spaghetti, linguine or tagliatelle - you now always have the right cutting device at hand for every purpose.

Cut slices and grate with the Monsieur Cuisine and WunderSlicer!

For us, the WunderSlicer vegetable cutter is the accessory innovation par excellence!
We stopped counting a long time ago how often our community asked if we could invent a vegetable slicer for Monsieur Cuisine.
No sooner said than done - here it is!

WunderSlicer highlights

  • Cut and grate even slices with the Monsieur Cuisine
  • Cutting discs that can be used on both sides to adjust the rasp size and disc thickness
  • Suitable for all kinds of fruit and vegetables
  • Large transparent container with 1500g capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Trend and Connect
  • BPA free made from food grade plastic
  • Regional production - Made in Germany

Spiralize delicious vegetable noodles with the WunderZoodler spiral cutter for Thermomix and Monsieur Cuisine

The WunderZoodler spiralizes carrots, zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes and much more into delicious tagliatelle, thin or thick spaghetti in no time. Cook the vegetable noodles briefly in salted water as desired, steam them gently in the Varoma or fry them in a pan and serve with a sophisticated sauce - your low-carb culinary delight is ready!
Or how about a crisp salad topped with fresh, delicate beetroot spaghetti? Or crispy sweet potato spirals from the oven with just a little oil as an alternative to conventional chips from the bag?
Our first-class WunderZoodler paired with your limitless creativity: We are excited to see what you will conjure up first with your new Zoodle cutter.

WunderZoodler highlights

  • Spiralize vegetables with the Thermomix or Monsieur Cuisine
  • Practical extension for the WunderSlicer vegetable cutter
  • Suitable for carrots, zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, beetroot, radishes, apples, pears and much more
  • Insertion opening diameter: 6 cm
  • 3 different spiralizing blades for ribbon noodles, thin and thick spaghetti
  • BPA free made from food grade plastic
  • Regional production - Made in Germany

The WunderZoodler spiral cutter extension can of course also be ordered individually as an addition for owners of the WunderSlicer HERE .