WunderSlicer® V2 | Vegetable cutter for Thermomix TM6, TM5


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Slice and grate with the Thermomix and the optimized WunderSlicer V2!

Our WunderSlicer has enjoyed enormous popularity since 2022 and is now used in more than 90,000 households worldwide.

Our product developers have listened to customer feedback with suggestions for improvements to the WunderSlicer V1 in order to make our second generation vegetable cutter even better: The result is the new WunderSlicer V2 for Thermomix TM6 and TM5.

What advantages does the improved WunderSlicer V2 offer compared to its predecessor?

  • Ergonomic one-hand handle on the container: Allows for more comfortable handling, faster cleaning and easier transfer of the cuttings
  • Optional juice separation function: The resulting juice is either collected in the container (mixing bowl remains 100% clean) or flows directly into the mixing bowl for further processing
  • Optimized lid unit: Reduction of vegetable waste
  • Clockwise rotation instead of counterclockwise rotation: More intuitive operation and improved running feel
  • Rounded container interior shape: Easier emptying of the clippings and easier cleaning


  • Cut and grate even slices with the Thermomix
  • Cutting discs that can be used on both sides for adjusting the rasp size and slice thickness
  • Suitable for all kinds of fruit and vegetables as well as for soft sausage (e.g. Lyoner)
  • Large, transparent container with capacity for 1500g of sliced ​​vegetables
  • Divisible feeding aid for more precise cutting results
  • Expandable with the WunderZoodler spiral cutter
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA-free & made of food-safe plastic
  • Compatible with Thermomix TM6 and TM5
  • Regional production - Made in Germany
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty ( warranty conditions )

Perfect addition to the Thermomix for consistent cutting results!

Until now, the Thermomix was simply not suitable for creating decorative slices or even gratings, and processing had to be done with other kitchen utensils or by hand with a kitchen knife. The WunderSlicer combines the practical functions of the Thermomix and enables effortless cutting of even slices and gratings.

How does the WunderSlicer vegetable cutter work?

The WunderSlicer is placed on the mixing bowl lid and uses the mixing blade to drive the cutting disc. Thanks to the powerful Thermomix motor, the otherwise sweaty slicing is done in no time at all with the WunderSlicer. Simply set the Thermomix to level 2.5 and start cutting vegetables. The chopped vegetables collect in the large, transparent WunderSlicer container and can then be processed further as desired.

Slices and grates in fine and coarse

The two included cutting discs can be used on both sides and thus offer four different cutting settings: fine slices, fine grating, coarse slices and coarse grating. What you use the four different cutting options for is up to you. With the WunderSlicer, there are no limits to your creativity.

Possible uses for the WunderSlicer

What you eat with your eyes! We think that salads and gratins in particular benefit from the special texture of the cut vegetables and therefore taste even better. Whether it's finely grated carrot salad, cucumber salad or juicy coleslaw - the WunderSlicer chops up the vegetables in no time at all, so that even larger quantities of salad can be prepared in no time at all. Main dishes such as potato gratin, potato pancakes or vegetable casserole can also be prepared in a matter of minutes if you don't have the time or inclination to cook a complex dish.

Development and security

The Wundermix development team spent a long time working on the perfect solution for a kitchen slicer for Thermomix. The complex development phase was particularly characterized by the high demands placed on the product. Starting with the construction through to the materials used: every little detail is optimized for durability, quality and safety. Of course, the WunderSlicer had to pass countless application tests before its release. Not only the entire Wundermix team, but also long-standing representatives as well as well-known food bloggers and the Thermomix specialist publishers mein ZauberTopf, MIXX and Rezepte mit Herz put the WunderSlicer through its paces in advance.

Difference to the Thermomix Vegetable Styler from Vorwerk

In the meantime, Vorwerk has also introduced its own vegetable cutter (called "Vegetable Styler") in Germany, which has some differences to the WunderSlicer. The editors of the independent trade magazine "Rezepte mit Herz" have compiled the differences between the WunderSlicer and the GemüseStyler in a clear comparison: compare WunderSlicer (V1) vs. GemüseStyler .

A direct comparison of the cutting and grating results of the two vegetable cutters is shown in the comparison video Vegetable Styler vs. WunderSlicer (V1) by YouTuber ThermoNille, who objectively shows the differences between the two products: to the comparison video .

Scope of delivery of the WunderSlicer V2:
  • WunderSlicer container V2 with 1,500g Capacity
  • WunderSlicer Lid Unit V2
  • Cutting disc V2 for fine grating and thin slices (1 mm)
  • Cutting disc V2 for coarse grating and thick slices (2.2 mm)
  • Thru axle
  • Split feeding aid
  • Plug for the juice separation function
  • operation manual
Note on the Thermomix modes "grating" and "cutting" on the TM6:
The WunderSlicer was developed for level 2.5 and is particularly quiet in operation. The "grating" and "cutting" modes on the Thermomix TM6 were designed for the Vorwerk Vegetable Styler and run at the higher level 4. They must therefore not be used for the WunderSlicer.

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