WunderSlicer® | Vegetable slicer for Thermomix TM6, TM5, TM31


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Slicing and grating with the Thermomix and WunderSlicer!

For us, the WunderSlicer vegetable slicer is the accessory innovation of the year!
Long ago, we stopped counting how many times our community expressed the desire to see if we could not invent a vegetable slicer for the Thermomix.
No sooner said than done - here it is!


  • Uniform slicing and grating with the Thermomix
  • Cutting discs can be used on both sides for adjusting the rasp size and disc thickness
  • Suitable for all types of fruit and vegetables
  • Large transparent container with 1500g capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with Thermomix TM6, TM5 and TM31
  • BPA free made of food grade plastic 
  • Regionally manufactured - Made in Germany
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty (warranty conditions)

Perfect complement to the Thermomix for even cutting results

For decorative slicing or uniform grating, the Thermomix was simply not suitable until now and the processing had to be done with other kitchen utensils or by hand with the kitchen knife. The WunderSlicer combines the practical functions of the Thermomix and enables effortless cutting of even slices and grates.

How does the WunderSlicer work?

The WunderSlicer is placed on the mixing bowl lid and uses the mixing knife to drive the slicing disc. Thanks to the powerful Thermomix motor, the otherwise sweaty slicing process is accomplished in seconds with the WunderSlicer. Simply start the Thermomix on speed 2.5 counterclockwise and start slicing vegetables. The cut material collects in the WunderSlicer container and can then be further processed as desired.

Slicing and grating in fine and coarse

The two included slicing discs can be used on both sides and thus offer four different cutting settings: fine slicing, fine grating, coarse slicing and coarse grating. What you use the four different cutting options for is up to you. With the WunderSlicer, there are no limits to your creativity.

Possible applications for the WunderSlicer

The eye eats with you! We think salads in particular benefit from the special texture of the sliced vegetables and thus taste even better. Whether it's a finely grated carrot salad, cucumber salad or coleslaw - the WunderSlicer cuts the vegetables into small pieces in no time at all, so that even large quantities of salad can be prepared in a short time. Main dishes such as potato gratin, potato pancakes or vegetable casserole can also be prepared in minutes if you don't have the time or don't feel like cooking an elaborate dish.

Development and safety

The Wundermix development team spent a long time tinkering with the perfect solution for a Thermomix kitchen grater. The complex development phase was particularly characterized by the high demands placed on the product. Starting with the design and ending with the materials used: every last detail is geared towards durability, quality and safety. Before its release, the WunderSlicer had to pass countless application tests. Not only the entire Wundermix team, but also long-time representatives* as well as well-known food bloggers put the WunderSlicer through its paces.

Note: Please use our WunderSlicer only up to max. level 2.5. Do not use the modes for the vegetable slicer, because this moves to level 4 and is therefore not suitable for our WunderSlicer.

Scope of delivery:

  • WunderSlicer container
  • WunderSlicer lid
  • quick release axle
  • Feeding aid (green version only)
  • split feeding aid (gray version only)
  • Cutting disc for small rasps and thin slices
  • Cutting disc for coarse rasps and thick slices
  • Instruction manual