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Goodbye endless chopping, goodbye hand vegetable slicer and goodbye kitchen chaos!
We say hello to our latest innovation for your kitchen: The WunderSlicer® vegetable slicer for Monsieur Cuisine. With it, slicing and grating is done in a jiffy and is also a lot of fun!

Happy sighs from the Monsieur Cuisine community

Many of you have written to us in the last few weeks saying that you would like to have an efficient vegetable slicing solution for your Monsieur Cuisine. An accessory that shortens the preparation time when cooking and brings zest into the kitchen. That's why we at Wundermix have been busy rolling up our sleeves over the last few weeks and have now fulfilled this wish with our WunderSlicer® vegetable slicer.


  • Uniform slicing and grating with Monsieur Cuisine
  • Cutting discs that can be used on both sides for adjusting the rasp size and disc thickness
  • Regional production - Made in Germany
  • Suitable for fruits and vegetables of all kinds
  • Dishwasher safe and 100% BPA free
  • Sustainable production from food-safe plastic

A perfect addition to the Monsieur Cuisine - for even slicing and grating results

If you wanted fine slices and small grates, you previously had to reckon with a long preparation time. Ratatouille quickly turned into dramatouille and potato gratin into potato madness.
Our Wundermix WunderSlicer® vegetable slicer for the MC combines the practical functions of Monsieur Cuisine and allows effortless slicing of even slices and grating in no time.

How does fruit and vegetable slicing work with the WunderSlicer®?

The WunderSlicer® is placed on the mixing bowl lid and uses the mixing knife to drive the slicing disc. Thanks to the powerful Monsieur Cuisine motor, the otherwise time-consuming process of cutting vegetables with the WunderSlicer® is now quick and effortless.
Simply start the Monsieur Cuisine on level 3 counterclockwise and place fruit and/or vegetables in it. The cut material collects in the WunderSlicer® container and can then be further processed as desired.

Slicing and grating in fine and coarse

The two included slicing discs can be used on both sides. They offer four different cutting settings: fine slices, fine grates, coarse slices and coarse grates. What you use the four different options for is entirely up to you. With the WunderSlicer®, there are no limits to your cooking creativity.

Possible uses for the WunderSlicer® Monsieur Cuisine vegetable slicer

Especially salads and casseroles benefit from the special fineness of the sliced vegetables and thus taste even better. Whether it's a finely grated carrot salad, hearty ratatouille or tasty zucchini pancakes - the WunderSlicer® chops the vegetables into small pieces in no time at all. Delicious desserts or fresh fruit salad can also be prepared in seconds with the help of the WunderSlicer®.

Development and safety

The Wundermix development team worked for a long time on the perfect solution for a Monsieur Cuisine vegetable slicer. The development phase was particularly characterized by the high demands placed on the product.
From the design to the materials used, every last detail is focused on durability, quality and safety.
Before its release, the WunderSlicer® was subjected to countless application tests.
Not only the entire Wundermix team, but also long-time representatives* as well as well-known food bloggers have extensively put the WunderSlicer® through its paces.

Note: Please use our WunderSlicer only up to max. level 2.5. Do not use the mode stored in the device, because this moves to level 4 and is therefore not suitable for our WunderSlicer.

Scope of delivery:

  • WunderSlicer® container (capacity 1.8 liters)
  • WunderSlicer® lid
  • Quick-release axle
  • Feeding aid (tamper)
  • Cutting disc for small rasps and thin slices (1 mm)
  • Cutting disc for coarse rasps and thick slices (2.2 mm)
  • Operating instructions