Wundermix beeswax cloths set of 3 | Size S/M/L «Flower»

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Put an end to aluminum and cling film!

Our beeswax cloths are the perfect everyday helper if you want to reduce your plastic consumption in the long term.
Use them either to cover bowls or to wrap foods such as bread, fruit or vegetables.
Beeswax and tree resin have an antibacterial effect, so the stored food stays fresh for a long time.
Put an end to conventional disposable products and enjoy the wonderful scent of beeswax every day.

Quality instead of quantity for a good cause

Our beeswax cloths are manufactured in the Ebersberg workshops - a recognized social institution from the region.
Mentally ill people work here and lovingly handcraft the beeswax cloths.
Each cotton cloth is cut by hand into different sizes and then coated with a high-quality wax-resin mixture before being folded and packaged.
With the purchase of each beeswax cloth, the meaningful work of people with mental illnesses is supported and promoted.


  • For storing bread, fruit and vegetables or covering bowls
  • Replaces conventional disposable products such as aluminum or cling film
  • Made from eco-text cotton, pure pine resin and Bavarian beeswax
  • Set of 3 with different sizes
  • Production in a social institution in the Ebersberg district

scope of delivery

  • 1x size L (33 x 33 cm)
  • 1x size M (26 x 26 cm)
  • 1x size S (20 x 20 cm)