WunderKeeper® Disc | Disc holder for WunderSlicer cutting discs, WunderPeeler, WunderPlate


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Accessory holder for WunderSlicer cutting discs, WunderPeeler & WunderPlate

WunderKeeper Disc is a practical holder for your WunderSlicer cutting discs as well as for the WunderPeeler and the WunderPlate.
This way, everything is cleverly stored and you always have your accessories to hand when you need them.
With the 6 storage slots you remain flexible! Because who knows what additional cutting discs there will be in the future... ;)


  • Clever storage of the WunderSlicer cutting discs, the WunderPeeler and the WunderPlate
  • 6 storage slots for 6 cutting discs / other accessories
  • Easy to clean thanks to high-quality, smooth acrylic glass surface
  • Regional, sustainable production - Made in Germany
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