WunderCover® | Freshness lid with weighing function for TM6, TM5


[ Thermomix TM5
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Keep it fresh with WunderCover! 

With the WunderCover, your food is kept airtight and stays fresh longer.
The flexible sealing lip adapts perfectly to the mixing bowl and ensures a reliable seal.
Simply place the WunderCover on the mixing bowl and fix it with a light press - done. 
This protects the mixing bowl's contents from drying out or insects that want to eat your food.
Unlike cling film and aluminium foil, WunderCover can of course be used several times.
Whether for storing leftover food, for letting dough rise or for the safe transport of food: WunderCover preserves your food reliably and protects it effectively against leakage.

Use the scales of the Thermomix with maximum flexibility with WunderCover 

In addition, WunderCover can be used as a practical weighing plate. 
Thanks to the scale integrated in the Thermomix, quantities can be weighed out to the exact gramme independently of a cooking process, without soiling the mixing bowl.
WunderCover is placed on the mixing bowl or on the locking arms of the Thermomix.
The food to be weighed can either be placed directly on WunderCover or in a bowl placed on WunderCover. 


  • Enables airtight sealing of the mixing bowl 
  • Food stays fresh longer and is protected from outside influences
  • Precisely weigh food directly on WunderCover without dirtying the mixing bowl
  • Diameter: 19 cm 
  • Compatible with TM6 and TM5 
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free 
  • Sustainable production - Made in Germany 


  • Do not exceed the Thermomix maximum weighing capacity of 3kg.
  • Do not use as mixing bowl lid for the Thermomix Friend.
  • Do not store food in the mixing bowl for more than 24 hours.

Use as a keep-fresh lid:

  1. Put the WunderCover on the mixing bowl and fix it with light pressure.
  2. Transport the mixing bowl upright or store in the refrigerator. 

Use as a weighing plate:

  1. Place WunderCover on the mixing bowl inserted in the Thermomix or on the locking arms.
  2. Optionally, place a bowl on the WunderCover.
  3. Activate the scale function on the Thermomix.
  4. Weigh the food.