WunderClip® V2 | Lid holder for the Thermomix TM6, TM5


[ Thermomix TM5
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Where to put the mixing bowl lid between the preparation steps?

The lid holder from Wundermix may look inconspicuous, but it makes cooking with the Thermomix much easier. Simply attach the WunderClip mixing bowl lid holder to the handle of your Thermomix and insert the mixing bowl lid into the clip when needed. This way, the mixing bowl lid no longer wastes space on your work surface and liquids on the inside of the lid drip directly from the lid back into the mixing bowl without leaving a mess on the work surface.

For cleaning, the WunderClip can be easily removed from the Thermomix in one easy step and, of course, leaves no traces or scratches on the appliance handle.

This ingenious Thermomix accessory is a must-have and the ideal gift for every Thermomix owner!


  • Clever storage of the mixing bowl lid between preparation steps.
  • More flexibility - your work surface remains free
  • No spills - liquids on the lid drip directly back into the mixing bowl
  • Ideal for thorough airing of the silicone seal in case of odors
  • Quick changeover thanks to intuitive operation
  • For the Thermomix TM6 and TM5
  • High-quality and dishwasher-safe plastic free of BPA
  • Regional, sustainable production - Made in Germany

If you want to remove the mixing bowl from the appliance after finishing the recipe, put the lid on first.
The WunderClip is not suitable for the diamond black special edition of the Thermomix TM6.