WunderClean spray bottle | 240 ml glass bottle with silicone breakage protection for WunderClean cleaner

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Ergonomic, practical, good: the ideal spray bottle for household cleaning.

The bottle is made of glass and has a filling capacity of 240 ml.
It is compact and handy, as only a pea-sized amount of the WunderClean cleaning paste and about 120-140 ml of lukewarm water are needed for a sufficient amount of cleaning agent.

The silicone ring on the belly makes the gripping area of the Wundermix spray bottle ergonomic and safe: it does not easily slip out of your hands, even when wet.

Fill up the bottle, aim at the stains and in no time at all the kitchen is sparkling clean.
With WunderClean and our new spray bottle, stains on the hob, in the Thermomix, the Monsieur Cuisine or even in the oven are a thing of the past.