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The dough scraper card for Thermomix. Thanks to its clever shape, WunderCard even accesses the hard-to-reach areas of the mixing bowl. This makes it possible to remove dough from bowls and pots with virtually no residue.

Baking gives a feeling of belonging at home, relaxation, pure taste, lots of fun ... With the Thermomix®, preparing dough is easier than ever and almost nothing stands in the way of the joy of baking. You wish scraping out the mixing bowl wasn’t such an often-time-consuming task. Although some dough flows out easily, bread dough, for example, remains sticky and stubborn.

We at Wundermix have therefore developed a dough scraper card that has been ergonomically designed so that the curved side fits perfectly against the wall of the mixing bowl. This makes it possible to remove almost 100% of dough, cream etc. In addition, the narrow edge fits between the blades of the mixing bowl blades, which is why the dough can also be removed from the bottom without any problem.

Of course, the WunderCard can be used not only to scrape dough out of the blender jar, but also to help you with all the other baking steps. Thanks to the knife-shaped tapered edge, you can easily divide and portion the dough. The straight side is also ideal for spreading dough in the pan or spreading buttercream on the flan case, for example.

Thanks to its stability, the WunderCard also fits comfortably in your hand, which makes working with even firmer dough child's play. Baking professionals will certainly be pleased to know that even rounding bread dough is no problem with the dough scraper card.

Tip from the Wundermix team: We have compiled a summary of the best uses of WunderCard so that none of your dough is wasted:

  1. The ergonomic shape fits perfectly to the bulbous shape of the mixing bowl.
  2. You can use the narrow side to remove residues between the mixing bowl blades.
  3. You can also use the edge, which you actually use for gripping, to scoop larger quantities out of the mixing bowl.


  • Thoughtfully shaped to remove leftovers from the blender jar with almost no residue.
  • Ideal for dividing, spreading and mixing
  • Made of food-safe, flexible plastic
  • Resistant and dimensionally stable up to 110° C
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Made in Germany

Practical and environmentally friendly

  • Food-grade base material coloured using dye
  • Manufactured, developed and designed in Germany – produced ethically and is environmentally friendly
  • The dough scraper card is 100% recyclable