...and the party can begin! For your guests only the best | Christine Haas | Tape 6

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

Tape 6: ... and the party can begin! Only the best for your guests.
"You should celebrate the parties as they fall!" With these simple yet sophisticated recipe ideas, your party is sure to be a success. Most dishes are quick to prepare and are also easy to prepare. You can welcome your guests in a relaxed atmosphere while, for example, the Mexican strudel, the noodle soufflé, the party plait or the bacon and cheese buns
are roasting in the oven. Well, have you worked up an appetite? Then get started right away.

With simple and few ingredients you can conjure up great things for a party. And not only for guests: many recipes are also suitable as a main course or as a snack for the family. You'll find 66 dishes with color photos.

Recipe directory:

Appenzell cheesecake
Bavarian cabbage salad lukewarm
Puff pastry roll
Bratwurst layer cake
Brunch® pizza
Cabanossi patty
Mushroom pie
Tarte flambée
Tarte flambée with salmon
French tart
Cream cheese and quark dip
Vegetable "squeak
Grissini with cream cheese-quark dip
Chicken cake
Cheese bites
Cheese bread with a difference
Cheese feet
Cheese muffins
Cheese cookies
Cheese roll
Cheese rosette
Cabbage and potato cake
Coleslaw in stock
Salmon and leek quiche
Salmon and spinach roll with dip
Salmon cake
Leek cake
Mexican strudel / Mexico corners
Poppy seed cracker
Morning cupcake
Pasta salad
Vegetarian pasta salad
Pasta souffle

Paprika cream cheese boat
Parmesan garlic baguette
Parmesan sticks
Party baguette
Party wheel with sauerkraut
Party braid
Pizza cheese bread
Pizza rolls
Pizza sauce
Pizza soup
Cream puff pastry
Smoked trout cream on pumpernickel rolls
Rice salad
Jerky squirrel
Salami and cream cheese croissants
Sheep cheese croissants
Ham croissants
Ham and cheese sticks
Ham and cheese pickle cakes
Asparagus muffins
Bacon and cheese buns
Spinach-Cambozola® Cake
Tomato Obatzter
Grape cheese balls
Turkish pizza
Wiener in pretzel dough
Sausage strudel
Zucchini mince pie
Zucchini carrot cake
Onion cake
Onion and bacon balls