...and the party goes on - fast hits for connoisseurs! | Christine Haas | Tape 11

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for your TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

The guests are already in the approach ... with these gelingsichereren delicious dishes certainly no problem!

It should go quickly, be great to prepare and of course top taste, then you have made exactly the right choice with this book. You absolutely must have these ingenious recipes!

Numerous dishes are ideal for preparation and prepared in no time. Some of them are also suitable for vegetarians. Treat your guests to these delicacies and look forward to the great compliments you will receive.

You will find over 70 recipes with color photos in this book, more than 40 of them for vegetarians

Recipe index:

Recipes with star * are also for vegetarians or can be prepared vegetarian.

Apple and onion tart*
Basil and Tomato Pickled Bread*
Beer soup*
Pear-Cambozola with cranberries*
Bread pizza*
Camembert pralines*
Crackers with cambozola cream and cheese nut cream*
Eggs stuffed*
Egg and cream cheese spread*
Egg and celery salad*
Emmental cheese chips (recipe below)*
Wrinkled bread*
Feta puff pastry*
Feta yogurt dip (recipe below)*
Feta Walnut Skewers*
Tarte flambée toast*
Meatballs with Obatzter filling*
Cream cheese roll*
Sliced meat Budapest style
Greek croissants*
Minced meat pizza
Minced meat pockets Empanadas
Meat roll
Cheese and egg salad*
Cheese and bell pepper salad*
Cheese and Bacon Muffins
Cheese and Bacon Slices
Cheese skewers*
Potato and herb strudel*
Potato party salad*
Crispy bread rolls (in stock)*
Cooked cheese*
Crab and vegetable cocktail
Cabbage-carrot salad with mayo*
Thai cabbage salad*
Refrigerator sandwiches*
Pumpkin pancake
Pumpkin seed butter*
Pumpkin pie*
Pumpkin scallop lasagna
Lasagne Mexico
Leek Gouda Cake*
Horseradish Salmon Thaler
Poppy seed croissant*
Mozzarella-garlic flatbread*
Naan - Indian flatbread*
Italian pasta salad*
Pasta salads*
Oven pancakes with salmon
Oven cutlet
Oven cutlet Hawaii
Paprika sour cream roll
Parmesan chips / Emmental chips*
Pita with feta yogurt dips*
Pizza baguette
Rice salad*
Salami-feta skewers
Salami cheese baguette
Chive bread with a difference*
Swabian lasagna*
Swiss cheesecake*
Sesame mozzarella balls*
Bacon baguette
Bacon and onion pizza
Tuna cream
Tuna iceberg salad
Tuna rice salad
Tomato-Mozzarella skewers with Serrano ham
Tortellini salad*
Grape and cheese cocktail*
Sausage salad*