Cakes - slices - cakes you must try | Christine Haas | Tape 2

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

Tape 2: Cakes - slices - cakes, you have to try them.

"What should I bake only today again, I have no idea at all ..." That will change now. With these recipes you can start right away and spoil yourself and your family with homemade pies, slices and cakes. They all succeed quite simply and taste totally delicious. There is something for every taste!

You'll find 66 great baking ideas for every occasion:


Recipe Directory:

Amaretto Nut Cookies

Pineapple coconut cake

Apple pie with cream frosting

Apple crumble cake with crème fraîche

Apricot almond cake

Apricot quarkaler

Banana coconut slices

Banana rumbombom

Berry red wine cake

Bee cake

Pear champagne cake

Butter cookie slices

Cappuccino cheesecake

Strawberry bomb

Strawberry dome cake

Strawberry mascarpone cake

Strawberry slices

Fire department cake

Cream cheese cake

Fruit stars

Hawaiian cake

Blueberry slices

Raspberry cream cheese cake

Raspberry cake

Dutch almond cake

Currant meringue pie

Currant tiramisu cake

Currant pluck cake


Cheese cream

Cherry banana cake

Cherry almond cake

Cherry almond cake

Cherry chocolate cake

Passion fruit cheese cream

Mole cake

Mocha slices

Poppy seed blob cake

Poppy seed pudding cake

Poppy seed cake

Multivitamin cake

Muesli bar

Nut marzipan plait

Nutella® cake

Orchard cake

Fruit tart

Easter bunny

Peach and sour cream cake

Plum nut cake

Plum crumble cake

Pudding sour cream slices

Quark fruit slices

Rhubarb crumb cake

Rhubarb custard slices

Roll cake

Rose cake

Sour cream cake

Snowflake cake

Chocolate cheesecake with crunchy crumbles

Chocolate cream

Black forest cake

Vanilla cheesecake

Walnut nougat cake

Zebra cake

Cinnamon-tangerine slices

Plum and pear cake