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Baking brings happiness! Wundermix has designed a premium silicone pastry mat for you so that you can still smile when cleaning the countertop afterwards. The 60cm x 40cm silicone mat offers enough space for all the ingredients you need for baking, which is why the kitchen countertop stays clean from now on.

The non-slip coating on the back of the silicone mat also makes it easier to knead, shape and roll out dough. The mat sticks to the countertop without slipping – even when you knead bread dough or roll out cookie dough on it. 

The incorporated markings of standard springform pans and the tape measure help to make uniformly baked goods and guarantee consistent results. From now on, every dough is rolled out so that it fits directly into the intended shape. This makes the mat a practical and versatile baking accessory that no kitchen should lack.

Thanks to the non-adhesive coating, the dough can be removed again afterwards without leaving any residue – not even odour or taste will stick to the silicone pastry mat. This is particularly important for shaping fondant and marzipan. After all, homemade marzipan roses with an onion baguette flavour probably taste good on very few homemade cakes.  

And when it is time to clean up after work, simply put the silicone pastry mat in the dishwasher and relax. Then roll up the mat and store it to save space until the next dough is prepared.  

The Wundermix pastry mat is suitable for professionals and hobby bakers.


  • Ideal for rolling out dough and fondant thanks to the anti-slip coating
  • Remove dough without leaving residue thanks to the anti-slip coating
  • Auxiliary markings for consistent results
  • Certified material for food processing
  • 60cm x 40cm work surface
  • Sustainable and reusable
  • Can be rolled up to save space
  • Dishwasher safe

Instructions for use

  • Do not place hot pots on the pastry mat!
  • Do not use in the oven!
  • The mat is not cut-resistant - therefore please do not use sharp objects to cut and portion the dough.
  • If discoloration is caused by strained tomatoes or tomato paste, for example, expose the pastry mat to UV radiation outdoors for about 1 hour. This will cause the discoloration to disappear.