Teiger® | Dough cleaning cloth (set of 2)

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Easily remove leftover dough with the dough towel!

Now there is no more tedious cleaning of bowls, tools and hands and no more smelly cleaning rags that are stuck with tough dough residue. The dougher solves all these problems in no time.
Improve your cleaning experience and increase your enjoyment of baking and cooking with our dough maker.

Application examples of the dough cleaning cloth!

Gentle cleaning of all baking utensils: Our dough efficiently cleans baking utensils and even your hands without leaving any residue.
Cleaning the mixing bowl and mixing blade: Thanks to its special properties and sophisticated structure, our dough mixer masters any cleaning challenge with ease.
Versatile: Our dough maker not only removes dough residue, but also a variety of other stubborn dirt. It also gently cleans all fruits and vegetables.


  • Quick and residue-free removal of dough residue and stubborn residues
  • Efficient and water-saving cleaning
  • Extremely durable and versatile thanks to high-quality materials
  • No more sticky, smelly cleaning sponges
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher or washing machine
  • Made in Germany