SteamCover® | Steam and odor filter for the Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Trend & Connect


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  • Thorough steam removal through water filtration
  • Reduction of escaping odors 
  • Pleasant fragrance due to the addition of essential oils
  • No follow-up costs due to replacement of expensive filter inserts 
  • Dishwasher safe and 100% BPA free
  • Sustainable production from food-safe plastic 
  • For the Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Trend & Connect
  • Regional production - Made in Germany

Effectively filter vapors and odors from the Monsieur Cuisine with SteamCover 

A problem that probably every owner of a food processor with cooking function knows is escaping fumes when cooking.
Often, the appliance is located under wall cabinets, which can be damaged in the long run by the condensation.
In addition, during cooking, the smell of the food spreads throughout the house and remains unpleasantly noticeable even after the meal.

Innovative water filter: thorough, sustainable, simple, inexpensive and hygienic 

SteamCover thoroughly removes vapors as well as odors with the help of a sophisticated water filter.
This means there are no follow-up costs for expensive filter inserts that have to be replaced regularly. 
All emissions that escape from the mixing bowl during cooking are dissolved in the water in the SteamCover, so that only warm air escapes into the environment.
Because fresh water is used for each use, SteamCover does not retain moisture or grease for months as conventional filter inserts do. 
Maximum hygiene is guaranteed with every use.

Pleasant aromatization of the environment with essential oils

If you want to make cooking with your food processor even more comfortable, simply add a few drops of essential oil to the SteamCover. 
After just a short time, your favorite scent will spread through the kitchen and unpleasant odors will be neutralized.
Our naturally pure essential oils are available in lemon and orange and provide a pleasant scent when cooking with the Monsieur Cuisine.

How does the steam filter for Monsieur Cuisine work?

  1. Place the SteamCover container on the mixing bowl lid.
  2. Fill with cold water up to the mark (1100 ml) and add a few drops of essential oil if required.
  3. Put on SteamCover lid and lock it by turning it clockwise. 
  4. Start the cooking process.
  5. Remove lid and carefully empty the container.

What are the advantages over conventional cooker hoods?

Conventional cooker hoods usually work with activated carbon filter inserts, which have to be replaced regularly.
In the long run, this creates a considerable amount of waste and is an additional burden on the wallet.
Unfortunately, this type of filter also does not have the ability to remove the filtered grease, moisture and dust immediately after use, but often stores them for months until the next filter replacement, thus providing an ideal breeding ground for germs.

When developing the SteamCover, we deliberately decided against a solution with filter inserts.
Instead, the SteamCover is filtered using only cold water. 
Water has the physical property of binding vapors and odors reliably and thoroughly and is therefore perfectly suited for use as a Monsieur Cuisine vapor filter.
Since the water is replaced with each use (best used for watering flowers) and SteamCover can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher if necessary, maximum cleanliness is always guaranteed.