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Model: TM6/TM5

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Next to peeling potatoes, there is probably no more unpopular task in the kitchen than spinning lettuce dry.
No matter how carefully the leafy greens are dried, residue from the wash water always gets into the salad being served, watering down the dressing.
This is now a thing of the past!


Thorough dry spinning of leafy vegetables of all kinds
Spin dry up to 400g of lettuce per cycle
Suitable for Thermomix TM6 and TM5
High quality, BPA-free plastic
Easy to clean in the dishwasher or simply rinse under running water
Regional, sustainable production - Made in Germany


Drying lettuce with the salad spinner attachment is effortless:

  1. Fill the salad spinner with washed lettuce and place on the blender blade
  2. Slowly increase the speed to level 3 and spin for 15-60 sec. depending on quantity
  3. Remove dried lettuce and enjoy

Additional functions of the salad spinner

  1. You can also use the salad spinner attachment to wash lettuce.
    Simply add 1L of water to the mixing bowl and wash up to 200g of lettuce per cycle on speed 2.
    Pre-washing may be necessary for coarse soil residues on the lettuce.

  2. Simply use the salad spinner attachment instead of the cooking basket for cooking large quantities of potatoes.
    The salad spinner can hold up to 30% more potatoes, so everyone will be full from now on.

  3. Finally, no more mushy all-in-one pasta!
    The salad spinner attachment acts as a separator between the sauce and pasta in AIO recipes, preventing the pasta from being crushed by the rotating blender blade.

The salad spinner attachment is a real must-have for all lovers of crunchy salads and will soon be indispensable in your kitchen.

Diameter: 14.5 cm
Height: 14.7 cm