Russian classics from the oven

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Hint: This book is written in german language!

Let yourself be carried away - into the world of Russian cuisine.

This recipe booklet shows you 20 traditional dishes that are now also suitable for the oven.
From delicious soups, to hearty main courses and crispy breads, to sweets with addictive potential,
you'll find something to suit every occasion.

The dishes are put together in such a way that your personal working time is kept to a minimum and your oven then ultimately gets the dishes to the point, without constant stirring etc.
In the recipes only everyday ingredients are processed, which one has anyway handy or in each supermarket around the corner gets.
With this booklet you are perfectly prepared for everyday life and of course for the next visit from your loved ones.


  • 20 popular recipes from Russian cuisine
  • simple preparation steps
  • dishes are explained with and without Thermomix as an aid
  • all recipes are tried and tested and created by yourself
  • real and authentic photos
  • step-by-step videos for each dish
  • matching ring loops for filing
  • A QR code is included with each dish.

After scanning the QR code, you will see the step-by-step video of the dish.