Quick salads for parties! | Volume 6

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Hint: This issue is written in german language.

A salad as a side dish or main course may never be missing with me. Especially at the barbecue I could do without steak and sausages every time again and rather just eat the salad. Or a huge salad buffet at a birthday party: There is nothing better, I am in 7th heaven!

A tip from my mom: "If something tastes particularly good to you, ask immediately for the recipe." I've taken that to heart and so my recipe collection keeps growing and growing. Then I re-cook them and tweak them until they become my perfect recipes. The salads in this book are our absolute favorite salads. The potato salad and the bread salad are even from my grandma. I just rewrote them to fit the Thermomix and spiced them up a bit.
I'm so glad that my husbands are also as into salads as I am. That's why we have a salad with almost every meal.

Often, on hot summer days, my husband Robert requests the gyro salad to have with his snack at work the next day. Marco's favorite salad is the spaghetti carbonara salad, which is always a hit at summer parties with his buddies.

Whether it's fish, meat, or veggie, there's something for everyone in this booklet!

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