RuckZuck Desserts | Volume 7

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RuckZuck Desserts Volume 7 by RuckZuck-Manu

Finally the time has come! I could burst with pride to finally be able to introduce you to my recipe booklet, Volume 7, after months of work.
The 7th volume of my Thermomix recipe booklets contains 30 super delicious and simple dessert recipes - again in keeping with my favorite motto “RuckZuck”.
By the way: The 30 fantastic recipes from my volume 7 are all previously unpublished and appear exclusively in my new booklet.

Every main course comes with a dessert

No matter how delicious the main course is; If there isn't a delicious dessert afterwards, then something is simply missing for us.
Don't you agree? But you know me: Of course, I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen for dessert. It has to be quick and taste delicious anyway.
With the Thermomix or another food processor like the Monsieur Cuisine, the recipes are guaranteed to be a success.

30 quick dessert recipes with the Thermomix

No time? No desire? Stop the excuses!
Thanks to the simple, quick recipes with step-by-step instructions, you can conjure up sophisticated desserts such as blueberry cream, Oreo dessert or mini cream puffs on the table in no time at all, which will amaze your loved ones.

Glossy photos for every recipe

Each of the 30 recipes comes with a high-resolution food photo that will make your mouth water just by looking at it.
At this point I would like to say a very special compliment to my son Marco, who has always created the image and video material with great attention to detail. It was Marco who came up with the idea in 2016 to film me cooking with the Thermomix and upload the results to YouTube.
Since then, the quality of his photos and videos have developed considerably and I'm curious to see whether you feel the same way.


  • 30 new, unpublished RuckZuck dessert recipes
  • 65 pages of professional glossy photos
  • Climate-neutral printing in Germany
  • Format: A5
  • Recipes are successful with Thermomix and Monsieur Cuisine
Recipe list:
  • Pineapple pudding
  • Apple sorbet
  • Apple compote
  • Banana mango dessert
  • Banana Waffles
  • Blueberry cream
  • Baked apple tiramisu
  • Brownies
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Semolina pudding
  • Raspberry dreams
  • Coffee mousse
  • Cheese cakes
  • Mango coconut ice cream
  • Mini cream puffs
  • Orange and blueberry muffins
  • nut pile
  • Orange creme
  • Oreo dessert
  • Peach tiramisu
  • Raffaelo dessert
  • Little Red Riding Hood Cubes
  • Yogurt dessert
  • chocolate cream
  • chocolate biscuit
  • Chocolate panna cotta
  • Chocolate almond cream
  • Spaghetti ice cream dessert
  • Jelly pudding with vanilla sauce
  • lemon mousse