Roller-Slide | The invisible sliding board alternative for Thermomix TM6, TM5


[ Thermomix TM5
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The alternative to a normal roller board. Due to the space-saving design and the attachment of the roller slide to the underside of the Thermomix models TM6 or TM5, it is practically invisible.

Innovative and functional Thermomix accessories

The Roller-Slide makes it easy to move the Thermomix TM5 / TM6 on the countertop (wood, stone, granite, marble). Lift the Thermomix slightly and you can move the food processor without putting the Thermomix scale in danger.

Littfield Roller-Slide

The mini slide board is made of sturdy plastic and soft rollers. Small and unobtrusive!

This Thermomix glide alternative is practically invisible. Thus, the beautiful appearance of their Thermomix is preserved!


  • Tested quality!
  • Developed in Germany
  • Glide board alternative with rollers
  • Suitable for Thermomix TM6 & TM5
  • Dishwasher safe