Recipe fan "Lactosefrei geniessen" (Enjoy lactose-free)

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36 lactose-free family recipes for the Thermomix.Quickly and easily prepared - delicious for young and old!

Many people in Europe suffer from the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Only the partial or complete renunciation of typical dairy products provides relief. Since many finished products also contain hidden lactose, selected fresh ingredients are of utmost importance for lactose-free cooking and baking.

Our recipe fan LACTOSEFREI GENIESSEN presents 36 cooking ideas for a lactose-free diet suitable for everyday use. All the recipes proposed are quickly prepared and taste excellent. In addition, you will quickly notice that lactose-free cooking is possible without additional effort with an impressive variety of foods. A great deal of attention is consequently paid to the use of healthy and fresh food when selecting recipes.

The individual recipe pages are connected by a ring and can be turned backwards when cooking. The practical opening of the ring makes it possible to put together your favourite recipes individually with our other recipe compartments that have appeared so far. The elegant colour section on the paper edges makes it easy to assign the recipe categories and also contributes to the high-quality visual impression.

Thanks to the easily understandable cooking instructions, even Thermomix beginners will find their way easily. The recipes are suitable for the TM31 and TM5.

The recipe compartment contains 36 instructions for lactose-free cooking and baking. It does not replace medical advice on the treatment of lactose intolerance.

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This recipe fan was produced climate neutrally.