Pizza set with G3Ferrari pizza oven, dough ball box, WunderCard® and pizza chopping knife

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G3Ferrari pizza oven | Limited Edition (color): Icy cream
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For a really good pizza like from an Italian restaurant, the necessary equipment for preparation must be right!
When it comes to high-quality pizza accessories, you've come to the right place and are well advised with our 4-piece pizza set.

G3 Ferrari pizza oven:
In order for the pizza to be perfect and to amaze your loved ones, the perfect conditions must be created when baking it. This includes an extremely high temperature that a household oven cannot reach. The G3 Ferrari pizza oven works at up to 400 °C and bakes crispy pizzas like those in a rustic stone oven in less than 5 minutes.
Dough ball box:
Almost more important than a special pizza oven is a dough ball box for the perfect preparation of the dough balls. Ideally, you first let your pizza dough rise as a “large lump” (also called stick proofing) and a few hours before you plan to bake the pizza, form the balls of dough into even balls, which you cover with the lid and let rest in the dough ball box in the refrigerator. This allows the dough balls to relax again, which not only makes it easier to spread out and shape the edge, but also ensures that the edge rises even better and becomes particularly crispy.
The dough card for the Thermomix. Thanks to its well-thought-out shape, the WunderCard can reach even the most difficult-to-reach areas of the mixing bowl. This allows dough to be removed from bowls and pots with almost no residue left behind.
It is also perfect for carefully lifting balls of dough out of the dough ball box or for evenly portioning the dough pieces after cooking.
weighing knife:
Cut your pizza in no time with our elegant pizza cutting knife. Our pizza knife combines high-quality materials and ensures an unparalleled cutting experience. Compared to conventional pizza rollers, cutting with our pizza cutting knife is neither a wobbly affair nor does the topping on the pizza shift. The finely grained handle made of sustainable bamboo not only gives the pizza knife an attractive aesthetic, but is also comfortable to hold. The 34 cm long stainless steel blade allows you to effortlessly cut through any pizza topping.