Attention sweet tooth - you will love these desserts! | Christine Haas | Tape 8

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

Tape 8: Attention sweet tooth - you will love these desserts!
Which dessert is the first on your table? Is it the apple balls with creamy vanilla sauce, the bananas wrapped in dough or the crispy noodles with blueberry compote, ...or would you prefer the coconut dumplings, the quark strudel or the waffles with cherry-amaretto sauce? Well... or would you prefer the steamed noodles and tubular noodles like in grandma's time? I'll give you a hint, just feast your way through from front to back, each recipe is definitely worth a sin.

You will find:
69 desserts and many side dish recipes with color photos.

Recipe directory

Apples stewed
Apple balls with creamy vanilla sauce
Apple compote
Apple fritters
Apple fritters
Apple lasagna
Apple Nutella® casserole
Baked apple-quark-rice
Apple rice casserole
Apple Striezel
Apple waffles
Apricot yeast dumplings
Apricot compote
Bananas Chinese
Bananas in batter with chocolate sauce
Belgian waffles with raspberry sauce
Pear and apple compote
Pear steamed noodles with poppy seed and white wine sauce
Pear and semolina casserole
Baked apples from the oven with vanilla-mascarpone sauce
Baked apples from the Thermi
Blackberry compote
Steamed noodles
Egg liqueur-quark cream
Strawberry Aperol® jam
Strawberry Quark
Cream cheese daler with strawberry quark
Germ dumplings Nutcracker
Semolina slices with stewed apples
Yeast cookies with plum and fig jam
Blueberry compote
Blueberry curd
Raspberry sauce
Currant-banana jam
Currant buttermilk taler with mascarpone cream
Currant mascarpone cream
Currant sauce
Kaiserschmarrn with pear-apple compote
Carrot waffles with egg liqueur-quark cream
Potato-quark cookies
Potato waffles
Potato sausages
Cherry-amaretto sauce
Cherry lasagne
Cherry marzipan rolls
Cherry pancakes from the tray

Cherry pudding
Cherry quark pancakes
Cherry red wine sauce
Crispy noodles with blueberry compote
Coconut dumplings with blueberry quark
Pumpkin fritters with apple compote
Pumpkin waffles
Mango flash casserole
Marzipan sauce
Marzipan waffles
Swabian ravioli
Rice pudding variations
Mirabelle doughnuts
Mirabelle marzipan strudel
Poppy seed cannelloni
Poppy seed dumplings
Poppy seed noodles with plum compote
Poppy seed cake
Poppy seed sauce
Nut waffles with cherry sauce
Fruit doughnuts
Pancakes in the frying pan
Pancakes coconut/vanilla with four-fruit jam
Pancakes with curd filling
Quark pancakes with creamy marzipan sauce
Curd dumplings with red wine plums
Quark strudel
Quark pieces with apricot compote
Quarktaler with blackberry compote
Rhubarb gratin
Rhubarb semolina casserole
Rhubarb compote
Rhubarb lasagna
Rhubarb curd strudel
Tubular noodles with different fillings
Red wine plums
Pickled hoods
Chocolate sauce
Chocolate wafers with sauce
Schuxen / Vögerl with jams
Stamps in milk
Vanilla sauce
Vanilla mascarpone sauce
Four-fruit jam
White wine sauce
Plum-apple-pear crumble
Plum and fig jam
Damson compote