monsieur cuisine by ZauberMix - family special 01/2024

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Enjoyment for the whole family! Prepare completely stress-free over 100 delicious recipes with your Monsieur Cuisine and gain time for yourself and your loved ones even in the turbulent everyday life!

FOR EVERY DAY: gourmet meals for the whole family with favorite ingredients such as pasta, minced meat and tomatoes.
WEEKLY PLAN: Gain more family time with meals that you can prepare in 30 minutes or less. Look forward to Tex-Mex chicken casserole, robber schnitzel with tagliatelle or homemade Americans with all-in dough.
XXL PORTION: Prepare your family's favorite vegetables in large quantities in a relaxed manner in the steamer.
EAT BETTER: Monsieur Cuisine as the key to stress-free everyday family life
20 MINUTE MEALS: Quick lunch, overnight breakfast
ACTIVE KIDS: It's so easy to cook with the kids
CREATIVE LUNCH BOX: With these tips, your children are guaranteed to not leave anything left over
CRAFT FUN: Make your own magical glitter clay with “Monsi”.