"mixtipp: Sandra Backwinkel's favourite recipes"

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Sandra Backwinkel - that's the charming Youtube woman, who as "Thermo Turbomixe" has already posted well over 100 recipe videos on the net, which have already been viewed by more than 3.2 million viewers. Together with the team mixtipp she now publishes her first cookbook: Here you will find a colourful mixture of everyday treats such as soups, desserts and salads, but also main courses, smoothies, dips, jams and bread can the Thermo Turbomixe!

Sandra Backwinkel has been cooking enthusiastically for several years with her Thermomix and uses it daily. Looking for a little variety in everyday cooking with the Thermomix? With recipes such as balsamic lentils, green smoothie, egg white bread, pretzel rolls, chicken tikka masala and Bircher muesli, boredom has no chance. If you want something sweet in between, treat yourself to Oreo biscuit ice cream, roasted almonds or a delicious chocolate mousse. As always, the recipes can be prepared both with the Thermomix TM5 and with the TM31. Have fun cooking!

Softcover, 128 pages. All recipes are illustrated.
Date of publication: 01.03.2017
Table of Contents:


- Chia and quinoa chips
- Carrot-Curry-Cream-Soup
- Fine mustard soup with prawns
- Fruity couscous salad
- pizza bars
- Red cabbage carrot raw food

- yoghurt dressing
- Garlic base stock
- Tahini paste
- hummus
- Honey mustard sauce
- Peperonata Dolce

- burger rolls
- protein bread
- tomato bread
- Spelt-Roggen-Bürli
- Cheese and ham croissants
- Spelt bread in a jiffy
- pretzel rolls

- Tender cabbage rolls
- Chicken Tikka Masala
- balsamic lenses
- Spaghetti with mushroom sauce
- Mushrooms with garlic (side dish)
- Megacreamy mashed potatoes
- fish curry
- Thai Curry Noodles
- Stuffed pork loin
- chia pizza

- almond cake
- Almond coconut muffins
- Spelt Speculatius Cookies
- Fanta sour cream cake
- protein wafers
- protein biscuits
- Roasted almonds
- Germ dumplings with vanilla sauce
- Chocolate crispy flakes with black currant cream
- Oreo Biscuit Ice Cream
- Chocolate mousse dream

- Bircher muesli
- Breakfast smoothie
- Sunday roll
- Strawberry vanilla champagne jam
- pear-cinnamon jam
- Pumpkin-apple-vanilla jam

- Mojito sorbet
- Baileys
- almond milk
- Smoothie Dark Angel
- Green smoothie