mixle® | Spaetzle attachment V2 made of stainless steel for Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Connect & Trend


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The mixle Spätzle attachment V2 expands the capabilities of your food processor in an impressive way. This handy kitchen tool (patent pending) allows you to quickly prepare the popular Spätzle directly in your Smart, Connect & Trend. Please note the maximum cooking temperature of 90°C to achieve optimal results.

It is easy to use: the generously sized filling funnel allows the dough to be put into the mixle easily and cleanly. As soon as the dough is in the container, a simple movement of the hand is enough to turn the mixle for about a minute. This rotation pushes the dough through the lower part with the holes into the mixing bowl. Then let it cook briefly - and the delicious spaetzle are ready.

The optimized silicone ring surrounds the hole part to ensure a comfortable and safe user experience. This prevents the lower part from rotating while you move the upper part. This allows an effortless rotational movement for making spaetzle without unwanted slipping. The silicone ring also helps to ensure that there is no risk of burns when removing the hole part from the mixing bowl lid.

The mixle spaetzle attachment V2 is designed so that it can be completely dismantled and the materials used are dishwasher safe. This makes handling and cleaning extremely easy.

The scope of delivery includes: Mixle Spätzle attachment V2, instructions with recipe.