MixFino® Steam Juicer Attachment for Monsieur Cuisine Connect and Trend


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Summertime is MixFino time!

When the delicious fruits on trees and bushes ripen during the summer, MixFino is your ideal helper for processing the annual harvest. Almost everything the garden yields over the course of the season is effortlessly transformed into fresh fruit juices with MixFino. Peel, seeds and stalks do not even have to be removed, as is the case with centrifugal juicers.

MixFino is simply placed on the mixing bowl lid, a collection container is provided, the Varoma is filled with up to 2 kg of any fruit, and juicing can begin by steaming the fruit. Steam is created in the mixing bowl, rises into the Varoma and bursts the fruit cells, releasing their delicious juice.

The extracted juice flows through the Varoma bottom and is collected in the MixFino. Here, the juice can flow off through the connected hose and collect in a separate collection container. The fresh juice can now either be drunk directly or processed into sophisticated delicacies such as fruit jelly, liqueurs, cocktails and much more.

Steam juicing with MixFino is fun, simple, effective and sure to succeed.


  • Juice up to 2 kg of fruit at once
  • Endless variety by creatively combining different types of fruit
  • Maximum juice yield - especially for fruits with high water content
  • No cumbersome intermediate emptying of bowls in the cooking basket
  • Vitamins, minerals, aroma and color are preserved by gentle steam juicing
  • Over 100 minutes of Varoma juicing without the mixing bowl running dry
  • Direct filling into the desired container without time-consuming decanting
  • For Monsieur Cuisine Connect and Trend 
  • High quality and heat resistant plastic free of BPA
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Regional, sustainable production - Made in Germany


  1. Fill mixing bowl with 2000g of water and close with lid without measuring cup.
  2. Place MixFino on the lid, connect the enclosed silicone hose and insert into a separate heat-resistant container. If the juice outlet is on the lower side of MixFino, it is mounted the right way round.
  3. Fill Varoma with up to 2 kg of fruit or vegetables, place on MixFino and close with Varoma lid.
  4. Depending on the type of fruit and quantity, juice for up to 60 minutes / Varoma / level 1.
  5. Stop cooking process as soon as no more juice comes out of the tube.
    Rule of thumb: Soft fruits are usually completely juiced after 30-40 minutes, while harder fruit types can take up to 60 minutes.
  6. Either enjoy the cooled juice directly or process it further.

Scope of delivery

1 x MixFino steam juicer attachment
1 x silicone hose (30cm)
1 x QR code (on opening flap of packaging) with link to the ultimate steam juicer bible with many valuable tips

Our tip

With our Varoma Enlargement MaxiSteam, even larger quantities of fruit can be juiced effectively at once.