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Whether for breakfast or as a delicious lunch: poached eggs can be enjoyed in many different ways. Classically on toasted bread with avocado and smoked salmon, as hearty eggs Benedict on bacon and an English muffin - surrounded by creamy hollandaise sauce - or Mediterranean in a fruity tomato sauce.

Poached eggs – now you can conjure up this classic delicacy with Monsieur Cuisine

Traditional poaching can quickly become a challenge without the right tools. Luckily, the MixEgg is now available! With this egg poacher, owners of the Monsieur Cuisine Smart Trend and Connect models can now effortlessly and simply conjure up poached eggs in the steamer attachment.

Lost eggs from the Monsieur Cuisine: quick, easy and uncomplicated

With the MixEgg from Wundermix, up to 6 eggs can be poached at the same time in the steamer attachment. The individual egg containers have a generous capacity, so that even XL eggs fit in.


  • Successful preparation of 6 delicious poached eggs
  • Works perfectly with eggs size M - XL
  • Can also be used for hearty dumplings or juicy cakes
  • For the Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Trend and Connect
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free

No compromises on quality and safety

The Wundermix MixEgg has been developed for safe use with the Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Trend and Connect. The food-safe material from which the Wundermix poacher is made is specially designed for use at high temperatures.
MixEgg is of course dishwasher safe and 100% BPA free.

This is how to poach eggs with the Monsieur Cuisine and MixEgg:

  1. Grease the egg container with oil or butter.
  2. Crack eggs into the containers.
  3. Pour 550 ml of water into the food processor.
  4. Insert MixEgg into the steamer attachment.
  5. Close the steamer attachment with the lid and place it on the food processor.
  6. Adjust time, temperature and speed depending on egg size:
    Size M ~ 11-12 min. Steam cooking program / speed 1
    Size L ~ 12-13 min. Steam cooking program / speed 1
    Size XL ~ 14 min. Steam cooking program / speed 1
  7. After the specified time, check the consistency and extend the time if necessary. Remove the MixEgg after it has cooled or by using a fork to hold the handle.
  8. Carefully remove the eggs from the MixEgg with a spoon.