MiPla® | Cover for Thermomix TM6 & TM5


[ Thermomix TM5
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Spotless and clean, your Thermomix immediately catches the eye on the kitchen counter. A real eye-catcher - especially without stains and as if freshly polished.
With all the kitchen action around it, however, this seems almost impossible...
Here the can of tomatoes splatters, there the oil in the sizzling pan. How is the Thermomix supposed to stay neat and tidy? It's simple: with our new Wundermix MiPla® cover.

2 in 1 functionality
In addition to protecting your Thermomix TM5 or TM6, MiPla® has another wonderful extra: On the side of the cover is a large holder for spatulas, ladles, cookbooks and the like.

A multifunctional miracle mix accessory - just the way we love it.

The chic icing on the cake for your kitchen
Only premium fabrics were used for the MiPla® cover. Its gray waffle piqué look with fire-red trim stripes is timeless and elegant. It is handmade in Germany and made with love.

Folded, practical, tidy
While cooking, simply fold the hood to store it in a space-saving way.


  • For the Thermomix models TM5, TM6
  • Protects the Thermomix from soiling
  • Incl. holder for spatula or cookbooks
  • Noble design due to high quality stitching
  • Cover washable by hand at 30 degrees
  • Highest quality - Handmade in Germany
  • Made from premium fabrics