MaxiSteam® | Steamer Attachment Enlargement for Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Trend, Smart & Édition Plus


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A small plastic ring with a big effect! Thanks to our MaxiSteam, you now have more space in the steamer basket. Especially when there is a lack of height, the MaxiSteam is the perfect solution.

You can simply insert the MaxiSteam between the lid and the steamer basket without the insert base. This is especially practical if you want to cook larger ingredients whole, such as a complete cauliflower, which you later drizzle with a delicious cheese and herb sauce. However, you can flexibly combine the MaxiSteam with the insert tray. So you have the possibility to cook all-in-one dishes for up to 8 people in your steam cooking attachment.

We have developed the MaxiSteam so that it fits perfectly for the steam cooking attachment of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Trend, Smart und Édition Plus. Plus, thanks to its side handles, the plastic ring is easy to remove without burning your fingers. 


  • More volume in the steamer top container
  • Perfect fit for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Trend, Smart und Édition Plus's steamer attachment container
  • MaxiSteam can be flexibly combined with the insert tray
  • Height is 6,2 cm
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Germany from food-approved plastic

Here come our top 7 things you can use the new "storage space" in your steamer attachment for:

Instead of mini bundt cakes, large cakes can now be prepared in the steamer attachment.
Larger quantities of vegetables can be cooked (e.g. up to 1.5 kg of asparagus).
More space for thick steamed noodles.
Gently pre-cook the family Sunday roast in the steam cooking attachment and later sear it only briefly until crispy. That way it stays deliciously juicy!
Thanks to the MaxiSteams, you can place more muffin tins on the shelf.
All-in-one recipes for up to 8 people are no longer a problem.
You can sterilize even more jars at once in the steamer attachment.
Tip from the Wundermix team: If you use our new MaxiSteam together with the WunderSteam steamer, you can, for example, steam side vegetables for up to 8 people at once. Because while the MaxiSteam creates more space, the WunderSteam ensures that the hot steam can circulate and thus the entire ingredients in the steam cooking attachment are cooked evenly - despite the larger quantity.