No meat, no fish and smiling faces at the table! | Christine Haas | Tape 10

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Vegetarian cooking can be so enjoyable and uncomplicated!

Are you a vegetarian or do you only want to enjoy meat- and fish-free meals from time to time? Then this book is just right for you! With many varied dishes, no wishes are guaranteed to remain unfulfilled.

The tempting recipe ideas with common ingredients are, as always, quickly and easily
cooked and of course again with Gelinggarantie.

All recipes have been tested several times with the TM31 as well as the TM5.

You will find here: 68 recipes with color photos

Recipe directory:

Asian vegetables with basmati rice
Cauliflower Curry with Basmati Rice
Burger buns
Chia Kidney Tenders with BBQ Sauce
Eggs in mustard sauce
Falafels with yogurt dip
Pita bread
Vegetable rice with cream sauce
Vegetable strudel with egg sauce
Vegetable waffles with herb cream
Glass noodles sweet and sour with vegetables
Green spelt vegetable sauce with gorgonzola cream
Indian basmati rice
Potato and pea casserole
Potato-carrot gnocchi deep fried
Potato and kohlrabi casserole
Potato pizza
Potato wedges with vegetable dip
Kas-press dumplings
Pumpkin-potato vegetables
Pumpkin-cheese spaetzle with mushrooms
Pumpkin lasagna
Lentil burger with yogurt-garlic dip
Corn thaler with chive dip
Pasta-tomato casserole
Baked potatoes stuffed with mushrooms
Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables
Paprika noodles ...the quick version
Paprika noodles
Pancake stuffed
Quinoa oriental with eggplants
Cream mushrooms
Ravioli with spinach ricotta filling / sage butter
Risotto carrot sparkling wine
Risotto with mushrooms
Risotto with sweet potatoes
Raw vegetable salads
Salad dressings
Sauerkraut casserole
Snake pasta with pear and cheese sauce
Braised cucumbers with fried feta cheese
Asparagus and beans pan with noodles
Asparagus and pea soup
Asparagus lasagna
Asparagus dumplings with chive-quark dip
Asparagus-tomato pan with wild rice
Spinach lasagna
Spinach-lemon pasta nests
Porcini mushroom gorgonzola sauce
Sweet potato mashed potato with paprika sauce and tofu
Sweet potato gratin
Tofu Bolognese with Ebly®
Tofu thalers with onion sour cream dip
Tomato rice with vegetables
Tortellini au gratin
Turkish vegetables with yogurt and tomato sauce
Walnut mushroom roast with light sauce
Zucchini vegetable dumplings with herb slice dip
Zucchini green spelt lasagne
Zucchini noodle rice
Zucchini noodle soup / Zucchini rice soup

More recipes with zucchini:

Fitness salad
Vegetable strudel with egg sauce
Glass noodles sweet and sour with vegetables
Potato pizza
Snake pasta with pear-cheese sauce
Turkish vegetables with yogurt and tomato sauce