Junali fragrance oil concentrate for WunderClean | 20ml

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  • Gives WunderClean a pleasant, fresh scent
  • Not only see cleanliness, but also smell it
  • Makes up to 80 ready-mixed WunderClean bottles
  • Also suitable for vacuum-mop robots
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Made in Germany

Experience cleanliness with all your senses!

Our fragrance oil concentrate is the perfect addition to the WunderClean cleaner. True to the motto "Keep it simple!", when developing our WunderClean cleaner we opted for an odorless product and deliberately refrained from adding fragrances that some users might find penetrating.

If you want to not only see cleanliness but also smell it, then you should definitely try our fragrance oil concentrate for WunderClean!

Simple and versatile application

The combination of WunderClean and the fragrance oil concentrate not only ensures optimal cleaning results, but also spreads a pleasant and fresh scent while cleaning.

The practical bottle with pipette allows precise dosing of the fragrance oil. Simply mix WunderClean as usual (warm water up to the mark on the spray bottle + a pea-sized amount of cleaning paste), add 5-6 drops of the fragrance oil, shake - done!

It is even possible to add a few drops of the scented oil to the cleaning water in the tank of your vacuum-mopping robot, which will then spread a pleasant scent throughout your home as it does its work.