WunderScreen® Hybrid glass screen protector for Thermomix TM5


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First Class screen protector for the Thermomix TM5

The display on the Thermomix TM5 is essential for comfortable handling. This makes it even more important to protect it from dirt and damage. That's exactly why we have the ingenious HYBRID-GLAS screen protector for Thermomix TM5. It is virtually invisible on the display and protects it reliably – without affecting haptics. Food residues, dust and other dirt can be wiped off the high-quality film. For fans of the TM6, this screen protector is indispensable.


  • First class screen protector for your Thermomix TM5. Ultra-thin hybrid glass made of a high-tech composite material.
  • Perfect material mix: Combines the surface hardness of glass with the flexibility of plastic. Anti-shock material: Shatter, impact and shock protection for your TM6 display. 9H surface hardness: Extremely scratch-resistant and durable.
  • Glass Touch Surface: Perfect sliding sensation (touch) and haptics. Ultra-HD quality: Maximum transparency and colour fidelity. Easy application: Bubble-free with EASY-ON mounting aid.
  • 100% accurate cut: Thanks to the high-tech precision laser with contour-precise shape. "Made in Germany" precision: Nearly invisible on the display.
  • Best DISPLEX quality: Manufactured by the market leader for display protection films in Germany exclusively for Wundermix.


  • 1 hybrid glass for Thermomix TM5
  • 1 moist cleaning cloth (Special Display Cleaner)
  • 1 microfibre cloth
  • 1 dust remover
  • 2 EASY-ON fixing strips

100% Touch
The display works as usual. There are no restrictions. If you don't know that the screen protector is on it, you won't even notice it. The sensitivity is 100%.

Anti-shock material
Things can get hectic and dirty in the kitchen. To perfectly protect the TM6 display from dirt and damage, the anti-shock material offers convincing shatter, impact and shock protection.

9H surface hardness
This degree of hardness provides additional security. It stands for outstanding scratch resistance and durability.

100% tailor-made
Neither too small nor too big: the HYBRID-GLAS screen protector for the Thermomix inspires with its customised cut. A high-tech precision laser is used for the precise contour design.

Easy to mount
The EASY-ON mounting aid included in the delivery allows the screen protector to be mounted without bubbles.

Glass-touch surface
The screen protector does not feel like a foreign object. Instead, it offers a flawless feel and a pleasant sliding sensation.

Ultra HD quality
The screen protector has ground-breaking Ultra-HD quality. It guarantees maximum transparency. At the same time, colours are reproduced with authenticity.

Quality and precision
This product merges quality and precision. The high-quality “Made in Germany” film bonds almost invisibly to the display.