Hearty delicious dishes for the oven! | Christine Haas | Volume 13

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Product information "Volume 13 Hearty delicious dishes for the oven!"
Recipes are suitable for TM31 / TM5 and TM6, as well as without TM!
The right recipe for every taste!
You prepare the food and the oven does the rest for you! Doesn't that sound super convenient?
These dishes with gelinggarantie are the absolute hammer! The preparation works again without TM.
Well, what's the best..., which recipe should you test first and foremost? I really can't say, because all of them
simply taste fantastically delicious. One thing I do know is that they will be among your favorite dishes too!
Publication date: June 2022
You will find: 66 recipes with color photos, 44 of them for vegetarians
Recipe index
(Recipes with * are also for vegetarians or can be prepared vegetarian).
Eggplants au gratin*
Eggplant Gratin*
Sheet spaghetti*
Broccoli lasagna*
Bulgur date casserole*
Curry Bolognese
Chili oil*
Fig tart*
Prawns au gratin*
Vegetable pancakes from the tray*
Vegetable quiche*
Gnocchi casserole*
Gnocchi fillet casserole
Meat steaks with cheese crust
Minced white cabbage patties with kohlrabi gratin*
Chicken barbecue
Chicken patties*
Potato and spinach casserole*
Cheese and pear pancakes*
Cheese-ham cutlet
Kassler au gratin*
Kritharaki noodle casserole
Pumpkin Flatbread*
Pumpkin mince quiche
Pumpkin Oven Vegetables with Chive Curd*
Pumpkin slices with curry bolognese*
Salmon with anise and lemon sauce*
Salmon with walnut topping*
Liver cheese (pizza liver cheese/onion liver cheese)
Liver cheese noodle casserole*
Lentil lasagna*
Mie noodle casserole exotic*
Noodle chicken casserole*
Pasta and cheese casserole*
Mushroom bolognese al forno*
Pizza Calzone
Pizza with a difference*
Pizza liver cheese
Pot Huckle*
Rice casserole*
Rigatoni al Forno à la Christine
Brussels sprouts gratin*
Beetroot pancake*
Sheep cheese slices*
Ham mince rolls
Gourmet filet with tomato and pea rice*
Chive curd cheese*
Schupfnudel casserole
Pork fillet baked
Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon
Pork tenderloin with mushrooms
Sour Cream*
Asparagus with parmesan cream*
Asparagus pancake
Asparagus Flambé Tomato Feta*
Bacon and cabbage fritters
Sweet potato gratin Asian with chicken*
Tuna noodle gratin*
Tortellini noodle gratin*
Sausage and rice casserole*
Zucchini mince casserole
Zucchini rolls in tomato sauce*
Onion liver cheese
Onion tart in a hurry